Thorpeness Cricket Club

Cricket has been played here for nigh on a century in a picturesque and timeless

With the pressures of long working hours and the dominance of football in schools
and amongst the young, many Suffolk village clubs have ceased over the last 30
years. But outdoor summer sport is such a tonic for fitness . Cricket may be
played by a wide age range and in batting and bowling offers a wider range of
skills than other team sports. As a team sport it provides important social
interaction, much needed in any community.

We play 20 over cricket which takes about 2.5 hours  usually on Thursday evenings and sometimes Sundays.

We practice on Thursday evenings at 6pm in summer and Sundays 1pm all year, free to everyone who wishes to come along.

Anyone interested in playing contact:

Francis (Gib) Byrne Tel: 07775 791 441



                                                                     2017 Team Photo